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Pham Cao Dong

Creativeness is breath, and CDC makes business on “Difference”. CDC Home Centre- Creative Distinctive Cultural. In the field of furniture, details are not only details, all of them shall create a particular and miraculous design. We believe that each individual is unique, each design is individual itself, each house has its own personality; the tiny shall create huge difference. Then, each house shall become “haute couture home” for you only and “No other places like your home”. This is also the breath of CDC Home Center.

Create Distinctive Culture

Being urged by instinct and sensitive souls’ mission, writers, poets, musicians and chartered art perceivers could not stop creating beauties because this life always needed. Human needed beauty because the realized that beauty contained good things, and by being close with good things, they tended to become so. Beauty may orient our souls.

Beauty once was the perfectness of rate, geometry, balance and harmony, but nowadays, the concept of beauty means bringing unconditionally satisfaction of senses, inviting for discovery, experience, and strongly desire of possessing. CDC Home Design Center always wanted to work with talented designers, artisans in order to bring beauty to the house of life and make it enthusiasm and satisfied. That is the highest expression of beauty.

CDC showroom

at 66B Tran Hung Dao. HN

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66B Tran Hung Dao, Hoan Kiem Dist.


Tel. (+84) 24. 3218 1102 - 3622 5409
CDC MAISON - 15-17 Han Thuyen, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi

at Vincom Metropolis Ha Noi

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- 29 Lieu Giai, Ba Đinh, Ha Noi

at VINCOM Nguyen Chi Thanh. HN

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at SALA Dai Quang Minh. HCM

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